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9 tips for managing your remote team

by Apr 2, 2020COVID-19 Resources, Paying my staff, Working from home

Thanks to Catie Paterson from Catie Paterson HR for sharing this brilliant article by Melony Wilding published in Forbes Magazine on how to manage your team when they are working remotely. 

Helps you answer the following questions and more

  • How do I keep morale and productivity high? 
  • What can we do to communicate differently if we can’t be face-to-face? 
  • How do I emotionally support my team and allay their fears about economic uncertainty?

Key points 

  1. Swap audio for video
  2. Overcommunicate
  3. Have a daily huddle
  4. Set up pairing sessions
  5. Remember not everything has to be a meeting
  6. Don’t use messenger as attendance
  7. Create a celebration channel
  8. Use one on ones to check in
  9. Manage your mindset

You can find the full article here


This article was shared with the Synergy48 community by Catie Paterson

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